Why am I doing this again?

11 Nov 2016

Why do I want to have my own site?

Narcissism mostly. I found the domain was available, decided as a self-respecting developer I should probably buy it. But then there's no point owning a domain if you don't put something there. So that was it really - I had to I had to get my act together and actually write the thing.

I enjoy developing

I'm a person who finds it hard to devote time outside of office hours to write code. I suspect it's because I hate fun. Whatever the reason, if I'm not doing something useful, I won't bother. So having decided I would like to code more, I had to find something useful to write.

Incidentally that's also the reason why the site looks the way it does. I decided it would be quicker and much less interesting to use a site builder. So instead I'm writing everything myself. The initial toolkit is Ruby, building on a Sinatra framework, jQuery, HTML and CSS.

What am I going to post about?

Every now and then I find myself with Opinions about How It Should Be Done. I also read books about things related to software, and go to events that sound interesting. I will probably write up some reviews or comments on these and shove them up here, and maybe even comments on other things that I care about enough to write about them.

Writing is both fun and hard

I want to write about these things because I know basically nothing about huge areas of computer science. So I'm hoping that posting here will help me learn things as well. I've also observed that a lot of people I think are good at stuff are also good at articulating themselves. It seems likely that trying to clarify thoughts into a post will help me understand and explain a topic. Plus all the cool devs do it, so maybe they'll let me join in if I do it too.

Did that answer your question?

So that's a pretty broad introduction to the site. It's my site, and I post on it. It's not perfect, but it's mine. Any comments you have about anything you see on the site are welcomed - I prefer talking to people than to myself, and judging by the headings of this post I could use more contact with the outside world. Get in touch.

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